Have West Coast Customers?

West coast fulfillment

West coast fulfillment

New customers are necessary for all businesses to survive.  The old expression “sales cures all” is correct, in that nearly any problem that confronts a business can be cured if there are more sales coming in.  How to find new business can come in many forms ranging from traditional advertising to social media to search engine optimization, but one aspect of sales that sometimes alludes business owners is the utilization of existing customers to broaden the amount of money coming in.  This means selling more of the existing products that you have to your customers, or potentially even selling to more customers within a specific area.  Generally, expansion of the existing customer pool within an area is going to be influenced by customer experience, and creating situations where the customers you are currently reaching are more impressed by your sales process than they were previously, and they in turn tell other people in their area about you.  While this may seem confusing and difficult, it is actually simpler than you think.

Improving the customer experience in ecommerce may seem difficult due to the fact that it is difficult to create better customer service when you have no employees to retrain.  How can you create a better customer experience on a website? This is going to entail tackling issues within two areas, the shopping experience itself and the delivery of the products.  These might seem like one and the same thing, but in reality they are quite different.  On the website, you can analyze the processes through which customers find the products they want, as well as the prices they are charged compared against the competition selling the same things.  You can look for ways to make the process easier for them to find what they are looking for, and make the checkout process more streamlined.  Making sure your website works correctly on mobile phones is incredibly important in today’s day and age.  Making your prices be either comparable or lower than your competition is also important as the era of the internet has reduced the importance of brand loyalty.  Because people can compare prices so easily using a search engine, and the convenience of shopping on one website vs another is probably negligible, you are going to find it quite difficult to charge premium pricing when they can get it cheaper with the click of a mouse.

The other area that is able to be streamlined for customer experience is the delivery of the product once it has been ordered.  In the customer’s mind, they want the product the moment they order it, and the longer you make them wait the worse experience they are having.  Minimizing both delivery times and charges is key, essentially looking for ways to get the orders delivered to the customers as cheaply, reliably and quickly as possible.  When you over exceed their expectations, they are happier with the process and more apt to buy from you again.  But how can you minimize delivery time and prices, when you use the same delivery methods as your competition?  After all, most ecommerce businesses deliver through the mail, UPS or FEDEX.  How can you get your products to the customers faster than everyone else who uses the same services? The answer is in the position and location of the warehouse.

Do you sell to customers on the West Coast of the United States (or would like to?) If you do, then the way to get the orders that are placed on your website to get delivered to the customers in the fastest and cheapest way possible is by having a warehouse that is located on the West Coast, near them.  Delivery times and charges are dictated by the amount of distance that must be traveled from the warehouse to the customer doorstep, and if they are on the West Coast then you delivering from a West Coast warehouse will minimize both.  You will be charged less for each West Cast delivery and that delivery will show up in less time than the typical five day ground transport time that is quoted as a failsafe by most delivery companies.  If they expect the order in five days and it comes in three, you have a happy customer on your hands who will probably shop with you again.  If you can minimize the shipping charges so that they can be covered by the prices that are charged for the products themselves (essentially offering free shipping) you are going to have a happy customer who will shop with you again.  But how can you ship from a West Coast warehouse if your business doesn’t have an office there?

Fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders operate from multiple warehouses in order to maximize customer experience.  We have a warehouse in Las Vegas NV and one in Nashville TN, both located on strategic shipping routes, so we can ship your products from the warehouse that is closest to each customer, on a customer by customer basis.  If it is cheaper and shorter to ship from our West Coast warehouse to the customer, then that is the point of origin.  Using this method, you can consistently provide the best customer service to your customers, the best shipping prices and the fastest delivery.  That results in happy customers who order from you again, maximizing the sales to that demographic.