What A West Coast Fulfillment Company Does

Ecommerce merchants compete against one another based primarily on price, due to the fact that the mechanisms of online shopping have essentially removed the building of brand loyalty from the experience.  In the past, when you started a retail store you needed to position your location near to your customers for convenience sake, then let them know you were there through marketing.  After they found you, then you needed to convince them that you were better than your competition who sells the same things, this was generally done with price, presentation and service.  You built up brand loyalty this way, and kept people coming back to your store through continually providing an experience that made customers happy in all regards.  Since the dawn of ecommerce, all stores are essentially positioned near the customer because the shopping experience happens on a website.  There is little to no customer interaction with staff outside of email or maybe phone, so excellent customer service is generally viewed as how quickly the product is delivered and if you get what you ordered.  Aside from these things, the true driver of sales online is price, due to search engines providing the ability to sort the same items in this way.  Basically, customers choose from the merchant offering the best prices and perhaps the ones that look the most reputable from the reviews other customers have left.

Price being a factor combined with the quickness of delivery is the experience that customers are seeking for their first purchases.  Things like return policies can play a role in the shopping decision process, but really we are talking about price and how fast the products can show up at a customer’s doorstep.  If a merchant can offer “free shipping” by building the shipping charges into the price paid by a customer and still keep that total lower than your competition, you are generally the one who is going to get the sale.  But how can you create a better customer experience after that sale is made, so they will come back the next time.  That is probably going to be decided by shipping, and over-exceeding the expectations.

A west coast fulfillment company is a third-party company that stores your inventory in their warehouses positioned on the west coast of the United States.  Each order that is placed on your website from a customer who is located on the west coast would be fulfilled from that warehouse, thus reducing the amount of distance that must be covered in the transport portion of the process.  By reducing that amount of distance, you can promise that your customers will get their packages within the typical delivery time of five days, but delight them when it shows up in less time than that.  You will also be paying less for the delivery because of the proximity to the customer of the warehouse, which you can either pass off as savings in shipping or put towards your bottom line.  Basically, a west coast fulfillment company is your secret weapon in the online shopping world, giving your customers better prices and service with every order.