What Is A Fulfillment Company?

Worker In Warehouse Preparing Goods For Dispatch

A “fulfillment company” is a special type of business that takes the responsibilities of shipping and order fulfillment off of the hands of businesses who either want to outsource for the reasons of scalability or for the reasons of saving money. Both aspects prove that outsourcing your shipping duties to a business like Ship My Orders provides value to your company, both from the aspect of bottom line as well as responsibility. The easy way to provide proof of these facts is to address the growth of a typical business, and compare it to the current level of sales.

When a business is starting or in the early stages, it is necessary to conserve as much capital as possible while still making accurate predictions of future growth. This is quite dangerous and can literally crush the ability of a business to operate if the wrong predictions of growth rate are made. In the early stages of a business, you are generally unsure of how much sales you will have, and are making all of your projections based upon information from other sources or comparable businesses. While you might be able to get a general sense of the typical rates of growth, the individual elements that make your products and business unique make it quite inaccurate to measure. In order to assure a certain amount of ability to keep up with sales, you need to overcompensate as much as possible with the hopes that your predictions are right. This projection of business sales costs money in the form of warehouse space, employees and expenses that are directly associated with the fulfillment process. If you do not provide enough space, your warehouse and operations will slow down and create unhappy customers. If you overcompensate and the sales do not match your projections over time, you end up paying for unused warehouse space and employees that are not necessary. Either issue can cripple a business.

This is why the scalability of using a partner like Ship My Orders is so important, as you have the ability to increase or decrease the amount of space you need within our warehouses and the amount of employee time that will be used simply by modifying your existing contract. You are not stuck with long term leases, mortgages or teams of employees that may or may not be enough. Instead, Ship My Orders handles all of it for you, and allows you to pay for only what you need now and in the near future.

The other aspect of benefit of using a fulfillment company is positioning of your merchandise closer to your customers, and therefor cutting down shipping costs and time. The charges that are assessed to orders that are shipped are based upon distance traveled, and by placing your merchandise into our warehouses for processing, you position your starting point closer to your customers. This gives you the ability to save money on each and every order, while providing a level of customer service that is unexpected when the order shows up at the customer’s door in less time than predicted. Only a fulfillment company like Ship My Orders can do this. Isn’t it time you found out more?