What Is A Shipping Fulfillment Company?

Office work on a laptop.If you have begun exploring the world of ecommerce as a way to sell merchandise to the public, you are probably attracted to the idea for several key reasons which have made ecommerce the most powerful and popular system of selling goods on earth. In a traditional setting, someone who wanted to sell merchandise needed to acquire the goods to be sold, then merchandise them for the public to see in order to have them potentially be purchased. If the potential customer decided to purchase these goods, a physical transaction between the two parties took place in which money was provided by the customer to the merchant in exchange for the goods. These items were then provided to the customer by physically preparing them and either handing them directly to the customer or arranging for a transportation of those items to the customer. While there is nothing wrong with this system, automation through technology now allows merchants to present virtual presentations of the products on the internet r on a screen of some kind where the customer can choose that item and put it in a virtual shopping cart. Once the customer is ready to finalize the transaction and pay, the automatic system will calculate the fees associated with the purchases and allow the customer to provide payment. This payment is transmitted to the merchant’s bank account, and the details of the purchase are then provided to the merchant. In many circumstances, this will be the first and only point of contact between the two parties, when the merchant is provided with the order information. This system significantly saves money over traditional shopping systems due to the fact that there is no physical location necessary, and no staff necessary to facilitate the transaction. This is the point that most merchants also must become physically involved in the transaction by picking the items from their stored inventory and processing them to be delivered. While the system is significantly better, it is not actually without the need for a physical location to store the merchandise and employees to actually pack and ship the items.

A shipping fulfillment company is a specialized business that takes over the processing of customer orders from the point of ordering. In essence, the shipping fulfillment company does everything that it would be necessary for the merchant to do after the order is placed, and will generally be able to do it for a far better cost than a merchant trying to do it on their own. A shipping fulfillment company receives the order from the shopping cart software on behalf of the merchant, then goes uses their employees to pick and process the order from the physical inventory which is stored in a portion of the company’s warehouse. This order is then packed and arranged for transport to the customer. Due to the fact that the merchant is not footing 100% of the bill for the employees and warehouse space, the savings are significant over running your own warehouse and staff. The automation process from the merchant’s standpoint is now able to be full automated. Contact Ship My Orders to find out more.