What Is An Order Fulfillment Service In Las Vegas?

Order fulfillmentOrder fulfillment” is a service that is provided by a third-party which delivers goods to customers that are ordered through a company, either through a website or manual process.  The order fulfillment company is contracted to provide the services which result in the end-customer receiving the goods that were purchased through the parent company.  In most respects, this will involve warehousing the actual products that are sold through a business in a location which is closer in proximity to a geographic group of customers than the company headquarters, and will therefor incur less cost associated with shipping the items to those customers.  Order fulfillment companies also will generally handle the aspects of packing and verifying orders in order to make sure that the customer receives what was ordered through the system.  The fulfillment company relieves the parent company of the burdens of staffing their own warehouses, as well as removing the costs associated with independent ownership of real estate.  It is generally less costly to share warehouse space than to own it yourself, and therefor the shared aspects of paying a portion of the total warehouse expenses instead of bearing the entire cost yourself is attractive to companies.  Because order fulfillment companies have multiple customers, each business actually only pays a percentage of what they would have to pay if they attempted fulfillment services on their own.  In addition to the obvious cost benefits, the guarantees of correct orders being shipped and deliveries being completed removes responsibility from the parent company, saving time, effort and risk on their part.

The reasoning behind order fulfillment services in Las Vegas is the proximity to the western half of the United States.  Las Vegas is attractive to many warehousing companies due to affordable real estate prices and convenient transportation routes in all directions.  When a business ships goods to the West Coast from the East Coast, they are forced to pay for transportation costs involving thousands of additional miles, as well as the added time for transport.  With Las Vegas being an appropriately situated gateway to both California and western states as well as a gateway to Utah, Arizona and states located further eastern, it is attractive from the standpoint of shipping charges to these areas as well as areas north of it.  Many companies based on the East Coast of the United States, as well as those located in foreign countries, see the attractiveness of fulfillment companies located in Las Vegas for this reason.  The only alternative would be to secure their own warehouse space in the area and staff the location, thus footing the entire cost themselves.  The small charges associated with employing an order fulfillment specialist located in the area to both warehouse as well as staff the employees necessary to the process are far lower than owning the space themselves, and savvy companies understand that it is a wise business move to utilize them.

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