What is ecommerce fulfillment?

man in warehouseMany people today dream of opening and operating their own business, and thanks to the reduced amount of resources necessary to open an online business as opposed to a brick and mortar location, many people who couldn’t have attempted to fulfill their dreams in the past are selling merchandise online.  The mechanics of an online shopping experience involve shopping cart software and a website, some promotional method and the inventory that you wish to sell to consumers.  The real beauty of the online world vs the physical world is not only the savings on rent and utilities that were necessary in the past, but also the savings on employee salaries as you no longer have to staff salespeople to interact with customers in order to produce a sale.  On the internet the process is essentially automated, with the customer themselves producing the sale by navigating through the software system.  The single weakness of this process is the necessity of a human being to actually pack the purchased items, address the shipping method and get the products to the door of the consumer.  In today’s internet age, this is many times the only place that it is necessary to allocate funds toward employees and physical spaces, as someone has to be the one dealing with the fulfillment of orders.

Business owners who wish to reduce risks as far as capital that must be outlayed in order to keep a business running will want to consider ecommerce fulfillment services like Ship My Orders.  Our business picks up where yours leaves off, essentially filling the gap between the software that sells the items to the consumer and the purchase arriving at their door.  You do not need to secure warehouse space and staff the location with employees anymore, and instead you can rent a shared space within our warehouses and utilize our staff to fulfill the orders your customers produce.  Our software interacts with your shopping cart system to push the information about the order directly to our warehouse where your inventory is held.  Our expert staff then packs the order from your inventory, and ships the order to your customer.  Without the long-term and risky aspects of warehousing and staffing, you are free to run your businesses without the distractions of dialy operations.  Our staff works for you to make sure that your customers receive their orders in the fastest and least expensive method possible, making ecommerce fulfillment services like ours the choice of smart online merchants.

If you would like to explore the opportunities available to online merchants like yourself and discussing the ecommerce fulfillment options that we can offer you, contact our staff today and request a quote customized for your level of inventory and estimated monthly shipments.  Once your system is configured and your inventory is housed in our warehouses, you no longer have to worry about the fulfillment of your orders again.  Ship My Orders is your partner in ecommerce fulfillment, and will let you have the free time to grow your business to new levels.