Why A West Coast Fulfillment Company?


Worker In Warehouse Preparing Goods For DispatchDo you have a West Coast fulfillment company?  If your business does ecommerce and provides the products to your customers using a shipping service like UPS or FEDEX, then chances are you are paying too much in shipping charges for about one-half of your customers, provided you sell to the entire United States. Even if it is your customers absorbing the shipping charges, your business will benefit from customers being more pleased with the lower shipping charges that you can provide over your competition if you use a strategically located shipping fulfillment company like Ship My Orders.  This is accomplished through the “origination” placement of our warehouses.

If you have made the very wise choice of using a fulfillment company to do the order packing and shipping for your business, you are benefiting from having a professional team review each order that is placed through your website, and assuring the timely delivery of that order to your customer using the shipping method they have specified.  This means that without any additional employees or expansions of your warehouse spaces, you can grow your business to any level that you want and process as many orders as you can through your system.  Ship My Orders will get your orders to your customers on time, every time.  Our services involve getting the order pulled from the inventory that you store in our warehouse space, and then sending it to your customer using the shipping method you specify, so the charges that are associated with that shipper are going to add up.  When those charges are calculated using a “distance to the customer from the origination point” method, then you are going to pay more for the shipping than if the warehouse was closer to the customer.  This is why we operate from two strategic locations on the East Coast and on the West Coast.  If you store inventory in each of our warehouses, you can cut shipping costs by always having the origination point be as close to the customer as possible, no matter where they are in the country.  When you factor these savings over the course of a year, it can be worth thousands of dollars.

Our West Coast shipping facility is located in Las Vegas NV due to the strategic proximity to West Coast transportation routes.  This allows us to get delivery to West Coast customers through ground transport done quicker than the general times that are quoted, sometimes cutting delivery times in half.  In addition to that benefit, there is generally a reduced charge for delivery to West Coast customers originating from our Las Vegas warehouse due to simple proximity to the customer.  The shipping company does not have to drive the order as far, and as a result the delivery charges are less costly.  You can use that savings to impress your customers and build brand loyalty, or you can apply that savings to your bottom line and increase your profit margin on each order.  Either way, using a West Coast fulfillment company makes sense for your West Coast customers.