Why have a shipping center in Nashville?

Office work on a laptop.If your company ships products to customers throughout the United States, you will probably want to research shipping fulfillment centers like Ship My Orders.  Our services remove the burden of maintaining your own warehouse and fulfillment staff, saving you money in company costs and improving the process at the same time.  The costs associated with operation of a single warehouse and shipping staff are more than many small businesses can afford, and even in the case where you make the decision to utilize your own warehouse space and employees, you will be paying more in the form of shipping costs to nearly 1.2 of the country.  Modern shipping fulfillment centers will generally have multiple warehouses that can be utilized as the origination point of your products, thus placing them strategically closer to customers from that area.  In the case of Ship My Orders, we have created fulfillment warehouses on the East Coast in Nashville and on the West Coast in Las Vegas.

Why do you need a fulfillment company in Nashville? The most obvious reason is the closer proximity to East Coast customers than a warehouse positioned in Las Vegas or Los Angeles.  If your shipping is originating on the West Coast and being moved by shipping companies all the way to East Coast customers, you are generally paying nearly twice the shipping charges than you would if you originated your products closer to your customers.  This simply makes sense for your bottom line in the form of cheaper shipping charges which can be passed off to your customers as savings or used to improve the business bottom line.

Another benefit to using a shipping fulfillment company from Nashville is that East Coast customers will receive their packages faster than if the shipping originates from the West Coast.  In many cases, what would be a typically 5 day transit for ground shipping can be delivered to the customer in 2 days, creating a better customer experience that will translate into additional customer loyalty.  Studies have shown that shipping times are one of the most important aspects of customer loyalty with regards to online businesses, and using the dual warehouse system from Ship My Orders you can be assured that both East and West Coast customers will receive their purchases in the fastest time frames possible.  Contact Ship My Orders for information about our Las Vegas and Nashville order fulfillment services, our representatives are standing by.