Why should my business use a fulfillment center?

specialized fulfillment centerIf you are currently in the business of selling goods to the public which are delivered to their homes or businesses, you are no doubt familiar with the drawbacks of operating your own warehouse spaces and maintaining an employee base.  In nearly every business, employees are the single greatest expense with regards to ongoing operations.  The reduction of on-site employees can generally only be accomplished through lowered sales figures, as a minimum number of employees must be kept on staff simply to perform the basic operations necessary to get the orders to the customers.  The space required to stock inventory as well as maintain employees to pick, pack and ship the orders must be estimated based upon sales projections, which are rarely able to adequately project in a way that can account for the space requirements and employee requirements, putting your business at significant risk of failure if you overcompensate during a time when sales drop.  For all of these reasons, smart business owners consider the benefits of utilizing a fulfillment center in order to process the orders and warehouse the inventory.  Due to the fact that you will be maintaining no direct employee base, you are relieved of the costs associated with them. Because you are sharing warehouse space with other businesses based only on your requirements at any one period, you have the flexibility to increase or decrease space as necessary based upon real sales instead of projections.  Overall, a fulfillment center makes sense on only these terms.

The greater benefit to utilizing a fulfillment center is better positioning with regards to customers and shipping routes.  Your business is probably located in an areas that is convenient for you and your employees to access, but it was probably not designed specifically to be positioned in an area that will save shipping costs on every order by putting the warehouse closer to the customer.  Each and every order that is shipped is done so based upon the distance from the warehouse to the customer that must be traveled by the transport company.  By positioning your inventory at a starting point which is closer to each and every customer as well as being within a major transportation line, your customers will see the benefits of lower shipping costs and reduced shipping times.  At Ship My Orders we actually provide two warehousing locations strategically positioned on the east coast and the west coast in order to allow for more effective customer targeting on your part.  If the customer is on the east coast the order can be sourced from our east coast fulfillment center and if the customer is on the west coast the order can be sourced from our west coast fulfillment center.  Either way the order will travel the shortest distance possible in order to reach it’s final destination, and you will see the lowered shipping charges as additions to your bottom line.

Contact Ship My Orders today in order to find out more about our specialized fulfillment centers serving east and west coast customers.  Your business will thank you