Why use a fulfillment company in the US?

US fulfillment company

US fulfillment company

Businesses that are located in countries other than the US but who want to sell their merchandise to US customers face a large barrier to growing sales in that the shipping charges are significantly higher than the competitors who are based in the United States.  While there are many cases where the manufacture of the goods that are being sold is accomplished at a significantly lower price than those made on US soil, and the prices that are necessary to be charged for those goods are lower than the US competitors, yet once the shipping charges are figured into the sale the total price paid by the consumer is the same if not more than a United States producer of the same items.  This is unfortunate for both the business who wants to sell to US consumers as well as the consumers themselves, who would enjoy the savings that would be had.

Fortunately, technological advances in online shopping have provided foreign businesses with the ability to sell their merchandise to US consumers without the inflated shipping charges associated with transport from a warehouse in their home country to a United States address.  Fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders allow these types of businesses to utilize bulk shipping to transport their inventory to US fulfillment company warehouses and have the inventory managed and orders processed from that facility.  In these types of cases, the foreign company is able to house their inventory near their US customers, processing the orders through their website and charging the shipping rates that apply to any company based in the United States.  As a matter of fact, it is possible that by utilizing US fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders who have multiple locations on the east coast and the west coast, you may even be able to charge rates less than your competitors.

By utilizing US fulfillment companies, foreign businesses are able to bring their products to a US market without the inflation of their total prices due to added shipping rates that they do not control.  Those companies also do not have to attempt to manage employees or secure warehouse space within the United States as the services are all taken care of from the point of ordering on the website to the product being shipped to the consumer.  This levels the playing field and allows foreign companies to sell their goods for the prices that they need in order to make a profit, instead of putting them at a disadvantage to their United States competitors.

Contact a representative of Ship My Orders today to inquire about how your business can utilize our services in the United States in order to bring your products to US consumers.  We take the complication out of the process, allowing you to sit back and grow your business based upon the superior products or better prices that you offer.  US consumers will thank you for providing them with the ability to save money, and the risks involved with expansion to the US are minimized.