Woocommerce and Fulfillment

Forklift truck in warehouse or storage loading cardboard boxes. 3dWoocommerce is one of the most widely used shopping cart systems in the world today. This is primarily due to the fact that it is a free integration into the WordPress CMS which allows a person to set up a website using an available theme in a matter of minutes, and completely configure a shopping cart and ecommerce system in as little time as it takes to secure a bank account and a clearing company. Additional Woocommerce plugins that are available can even provide live shipping information and calculations that will figure directly from the purchase prices and destinations that will be shipped to. The Woocommerce system is incredibly efficient as well as easy to use, and provides you with the ability to upload your products and set prices, and be selling online almost immediately. The ease of Woocommerce as well as WordPress allows people who would not typically be able to open a business to to the expenses that are entailed in the creation of the business itself. Selling in an ecommerce format allows you to not need to put together brick and mortar locations, employees and inventories. While the inventory is necessary to provide, the actual fulfillment services can be outsourced to a Woocommerce fulfillment company like Ship My Orders.

Ship My Orders is a specialized service that provides the warehouse space and human capital necessary to get the orders that are placed on your website to your customers. This is achieved by positioning your inventory into one of our shared spaces and utilizing our employees to manage your inventory, pack and ship orders that are placed on your website. Our software communicates with your Woocommerce shopping cart to allow us to receive order details, at which point we will pull the order from your inventory and process it to the point of delivery. The actual shipping of the items is accomplished through the services which you prefer, and any shipping service can be utilized.

Allowing you to not bear the burden of employees and fulfillment services provides you with the ability to concentrate on growing your business and improving your product lines, as opposed to attempting to keep the profit margins intact even with the expenses of employees and long-term warehouse spaces. We do not require the long-term lease periods that many warehouse spaces are going to require of you, and anyone who is in business will let you know that the ongoing trials and tribulations of employee management is one of the most expensive and hardest to deal with problems of business. Through outsourcing these aspects to us, you can be the completely virtual business that you wanted to be.

Shipping fulfillment through your Woocommerce shopping cart is an easy setup that can be completed for you without extraneous costs, as we have numerous Woocommerce clients who utilize the same setups. This configuration can be up and running is a short time frame, and as soon as inventory is received in our warehouses you will be up and running. Woocommerce is all about making it easy on you. Ship My Orders makes it even easier.