Woocommerce and Fulfillment

Office deskWoocommerce is the most popular shopping cart system in the world, due to it’s integration into so many websites that are engaged in ecommerce. The main reason for it’s extreme popularity is that it is offered as a free plugin within the extremely popular CMS known as WordPress. WordPress itself is a blogging software that grew in popularity over the years until it was the largest system in the world, probably due to the fact that it was offered for free and the volume of “themes” that were offered by designers for low prices. These themes are implemented within the WordPress platform in order to give a specific look and functionality to the CMS and deploy it as a website. Woocommerce became the most popular shopping cart within the WordPress world, and the same types of activities began taking place, with designers creating add ons to Woocommerce which would expand its functionality for a minimal charge. Woocommerce and the WordPress system allows many people who would never have been able to create an online store in the past to go into business for themselves, selling items on their websites without the necessity of creating a brick and mortar store, or all of the expenses that go with running a traditional shop.

While WordPress and Woocommerce have solved the issues of getting a store online easily and allowing merchants to take money for their products using the internet, the problem of fulfillment services still arises. Even after a customer purchases something on your website, somebody is going to need to go to your inventory, pull the items ordered, pack them into a box and arrange the transport of that box to your customer’s address. In most situations this means the owner of the business does all of this manual labor themselves, but as online businesses using Woocommerce and WordPress grow, they need to figure out how to process more and more orders, making it very difficult for a single operator to do all the work themselves. This puts many business owners in a difficult position of having a choice to make, either to attempt to fulfill increasing orders using the same system they currently use, or to commit the time and money necessary to getting their own warehouse space and employees to do the fulfillment. Luckily, Ship My Orders is a Woocommerce fulfillment company.

Ship My Orders integrates with your Woocommerce shopping cart to receive the orders that are placed on your website at our locations. That order information goes to our employees who then pick the order from the inventory which we manage in our space, pack the order and prepare it for transport to your customer using the shipping method you specify. You no longer need to be involved in the fulfillment process, and can concentrate on growing your online business sales. Because you are not hiring employees and instead are contracting us to do the processing and shipping for you, you can literally remain small and still sell large amounts of products.