Woocommerce Fulfillment Company

man in warehouseMany people who dream of opening an online store to sell products to the general public will begin the process by researching the best solutions with which to operate.  This is going to entail creating a website that has a pleasing interface for the public to find the products that you sell, and a method of purchasing them from you.  The purchasing mechanism is known as a “shopping cart,” and the specifics of this process are that it is a system of code that operates within your website structure in order to allow the transfer of money in exchange for a product to be shipped to them.  This process will involve configuration of the “shopping cart” into your website itself, then connecting it to the banking system with which you have partnered in order to actually process the payment and have the money transferred to your bank account.  The system that handles this process is a series of encryption “pipes” which process the transaction through a credit card or other form of payment, then send the money to your chosen account.  The “shopping cart” system then notifies you that a purchase has been made, and provides you with the customer information so that you can send the product to them.  Needless to say, most starting entrepreneurs are seeking the easiest method to make this all happen, as the process itself is quite complex and not easy to configure unless you have experience.  For this reason, many people choose the largest and most popular systems for creating and maintaining these elements, which brings people to wordpress and woocommerce.

Woocommerce is the largest “shopping cart” program in the world, used by the most people.  This is probably due to it’s ease of configuration into the wordpress system, which is also the world’s largest and most used system of creating websites.  Because of the sheer popularity of wordpress as a free system for creating websites, designers have provided customers with more options as far as design “themes” than any other system.  By having more options to choose from all with the same types of configuration processes, the ease of the wordpress system with which a customer can achieve a live website that is well designed and features the specifications that are necessary for your business makes it the most obvious choice for many.  Because woocommerce itself is configured directly into many of these themes out of the box, many people end up utilizing woocommerce as their shopping cart.

The missing element for many is the actual fulfillment of the shipping of products after the woocommerce system provides the merchant with a sale.  You can either do the shipping aspects manually or utilize employees to process the orders through the system, but merchants seeking a better alternative can choose a dedicated woocommerce fulfillment company like Ship My Orders.  Our system is designed to interface directly with your on-board woocommerce shopping cart, allowing the orders that are placed to be transmitted directly to our facility where our team will process and ship your orders to your customers.  Our proximity to your customers through our warehouses on the east coast and the west coast allows for shorter shipping distances and therefor lesser shipping charges.  The biggest benefit to the merchant, however, is that you do not need to process your own orders, even down to the level of sending us the information.  Our system allows you to concentrate on your business, and takes the hassles of shipping fulfillment out of your hands.  You chose a good system when you chose woocommerce for your shopping cart.  Now you can make another great choice and hire Ship My Orders to be your woocommerce fulfillment company.