Third Party Logistics Services


3PL Logistics, & Fulfillment Center

As your online business generates more and more sales, it may become too much for you to handle on your own. At some point, you might consider working with a Third Party Logistics (3PL) company to outsource your order fulfillment and shipping processes. Before you make that important move, you should know how partnering with a 3PL could affect your business.

Advantages of 3PL Services in Your Business

Keeping up with shipments can be quite challenging as your business expands. A 3PL can be just the answer you’re looking for.

Advantages of working with a 3PL include:

  • Long-term warehousing for your inventory
  • Reduced shipping costs with a wide variety of carriers
  • Inventory management software
  • Fast order fulfillment and delivery
  • Customer service handling
  • Increased visibility among new markets
  • Supply chain management


The Role of Your 3PL Fulfillment Center

Your 3PL provider will handle the order fulfillment and delivery processes so that you can focus on your business operations. This often involves the 3PL storing your inventory in a warehouse until the products are purchased. Then, the 3PL will work with the shipping carrier to get the item to the buyer as quickly as possible. A full-service provider will even be able to manage the returns and refunds process on behalf of your business.

Ship My Orders offers scaled and customized services that are designed to make order fulfillment easier and faster for online businesses.

No Long-Term Contracts. No Setup Fees. No Hidden Fees.

Just Stress-Free 3PL Logistics and Fulfillment Services.

How Our 3PL Process Works

When you outsource your logistics to Ship My Orders, it will feel like you have an actual partner in your business. We handle warehousing, order processing, and fulfillment as well as the delivery of your inventory. Not only will we save you time, but we’ll also save you the expense of leasing your own warehouse space or having to hire another employee to keep up with demand.

Our logistics company is able to cut down on order processing times thanks to innovative software, which links to the shopping cart on your site. This allows orders to be sent to our fulfillment center directly so that we can ship items more quickly. Our trained staff will locate the purchased products in your inventory and then package them carefully before coordinating shipment with an established mail carrier.


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