General FAQ

In this section you will find many helpful answers to our most often asked questions about our services. Please review the sections on the left to find the answers you are seeking.

Do you do e-commerce fulfillment?

Of course! In the Multichannel era, fulfillment houses need to cover every need:

  • Online Orders
  • Marketplace orders (Amazon…)

With our fully automated and integrated order processing and inventory control system we are ready to take any challenges your marketing efforts can bring.



How long does it take to set up a new account?

We are ready when you are ready!

From the day you get our quote all we need you to do is:

  • Complete the onboarding documentation
  • Provide order integration information
  • Arrange the shipment of your merchandise to us

Once this is completed, we can have you ready to ship as early as 1-2 business days from the time your merchandise is received.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Our contract is month to month and you have the right to cancel with us at any time.

Do you do small business fulfillment?
Yes. We have extensive experience with all kinds of small business order fulfillment.
Why should I use third-party fulfillment services?

So you can use your time and resources to grow your core competencies like product development, marketing, and sales strategies.

Ship My Orders will give you the peace of mind knowing that after your sale has been made, your products will arrive to your customers promptly and professionally.

Billing FAQ

How does Ship My Orders charge my company?


  • Our storage is billed on the 1st of every month and is calculated based on the number of billable pallets stored at our facility.
    A billable pallet measures 42″ x 48″ x 42″ (49 cu ft) based on our shelving/storage racks.


  • Our fulfillment is billed every weekend to close the weekly billing for orders shipped and any other extra services that were provided.

Payment Method:

  • Credit Card on file
  • ACH
How much does your service cost?

Ship My Orders offers competitive pricing based on your service needs.

We are here to work with you and become a seamless extension of your team.

Because the fulfillment pricing depends on many factors (volume, amount of SKUs, size/weight/special handling…) we would need to prepare a custom quote based on your specific needs.

Please fill out our Quote Request Form and one of our account specialists will get back to you quickly.


Product & Inventory FAQ

Is my inventory insured with Ship My Orders?

Because we don’t own your merchandise we cannot insure it.

You need to provide your insurance by getting a new policy or by expanding an existing one to cover what you store with us.

Can you manage my back orders?

Yes, we can hold an order until every product for that order is in stock and we can follow any guideline you may have:

  • Report to you so you can contact the customer
  • Ship the restock item with a different shipping service
  • Cancel the backorder after X amount of time…
Will Ship My Orders process our returns?

Yes, Ship My Orders can handle your returns.

Because returns need to be handled as fast as any other new order, Ship My Orders will help you keep your customers smiling (even after a return!)


  • We enter a set of rules and guidelines in our system so our returns department can process your returns as you request.
  • We process your returns by carefully opening and inspecting the items
  • We report the product condition
  • We either restock, destroy or return to you (or your manufacturer) the returned items
Are there any products that Ship My Orders will not handle?

Yes, we reserve the right to decline a product where safety, legality, risk, size, weight, temperature sensitivity and imminent perishability are a concern. All industries welcome.


Shipping FAQ

Does Ship My Orders send email confirmations when my orders are shipped?

Yes, as long as we have an e-mail address we will e-mail the tracking number to your customers.

Does Ship My Orders provide packaging/boxes?

We do not charge for labels, packing slips, and tape.

If we can use a FREE Carrier box (USPS Priority Mail) or envelope (USPS or FedEx Express) we will in order to save you some packaging costs. We do charge for the boxes we have to buy.

We carry many sizes in stock and we always try to fit your product in the most appropriate box for it. We don’t believe in “one size fit most” boxes, there’s always a lot of waste and extra shipping expense.

Boxes are not free and we rather have a transparent system where you know how much you are paying for our services versus how much you are paying for your shipping & packaging.

When we bill you at the end of the week you’ll receive an itemized report with every order fulfillment fee, shipping fee if we used our shipping account, and the packaging size and price.

What shipping carriers do you use?

Ship My Orders uses a variety of shipping carriers, with FedEx and USPS being our preferred providers.

Does my company need to have a FedEx/USPS account?

No, it is not necessary. With USPS we always use our own account. With FedEx, we can use your account or we can use ours, it’s up to you.

Any shipments shipped with our accounts will be billed to our account at the end of each week.



Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Every day we are shipping out multiple packages all over the world. We take care of all the outbound custom forms/documentation.

What will be the best way to ship my orders?
There are many different ways to ship a product. Ship My Orders will work with you to come up with the best solution for you and your company.

System Integration FAQ

What type of reports will I receive?

We generate three basic types of reports:

  • Order info and status updates (including end-of-day tracking notifications, backorder notifications, etc...)
  • Merchandise received report
  • Inventory report
What if there are no standard reports that fit my needs?

We can create any custom report you may need. Additional integration fees may apply.

How often will I receive reports?

As often as you need them: daily, weekly, monthly, event-triggered, or all of the previous.

How do I get the orders to Ship My Orders?

If your shopping cart has a way to send an email notification upon order completion and/or approval, our in-house software developer can do custom integration to receive and process the orders individually.

We can also receive individual email requests and enter the orders manually or you can enter them directly in our web interface.

What type of files do you accept for data transfer?

CSV (Comma separated values), TAB, XLS Excel, XML are the most standardized and simplest to integrate with our system.

You send us a feed file on a daily basis or whenever you have a batch of new orders, including the order and customer info and we take it from there.