Switching Your 3PL Provider

How To Transition To A Better Logistics Partner With Ease And Confidence.


Is Your Current Fulfillment Solution Limiting Your Business Growth?

Follow These 3 Simple Steps:

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6 Signs It's Time to Switch Your 3PL Provider

Consistent Delays
Your orders are constantly delayed, impacting your customer satisfaction.
Lack of Transparency
You’re kept in the dark about processes, costing, or problems.
Rising Costs
Your expenses are increasing without a corresponding boost in service quality.
They're unwilling or unable to adapt to your growing business needs.
Poor Communication
Slow response times or lack of clarity signals it's time for change.
Quality Issues
Most issues creates client dissatisfaction, refunds, and brand damage.

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A Practical 3-Step Guide to Switch Your 3PL Provider

Review Your Existing Contract

Get familiar with the conditions of your present contract before moving forward with anything else. Make sure you are aware of your obligations and any potential consequences for terminating your contract early.

Create Your Transition Plan

Specify your 3PL needs. This could involve services, technology, or location. To avoid shipment downtime, make sure you have the key players aligned to establish and implement a transition plan.
Ship My Orders can help you craft a personalized transition plan based on your specific needs, as well as lead the implementation along with your team.

Negotiate & Transition

Establish communication with prospective new service providers, commence contract negotiations, and then go on with the transition process. Make sure that both parties are aware of their respective obligations to ensure a seamless transition.

Pro Tip: Ensure your inventory is accounted for during the transition. Migrating ecommerce inventory can be a complex task, so plan it meticulously.

Making the Switch Seamless

To avoid hiccups when changing your 3PL provider:
Prepare in Advance
Initiate the transition well in advance of peak seasons and proactively establish contingency plans.
Open Communication
Keep lines of communication open with both your old and new providers- as well as key players on your team.
Leverage Technology
Utilize tech tools and software to streamline the transition, ensuring all data is transferred accurately.

Reasons Companies Change Their 3PL Providers.

Companies often switch providers due to several reasons beyond the six signs mentioned earlier, such as growth exceeding the capabilities of the current provider, leveraging better and more efficient technology, and finding a provider that offers better cost efficiency.

Now Is The Right Time.

With the dynamic shifts in the global supply chain, businesses are aiming for unparalleled supply chain agility. The right 3PL partner can help you navigate challenges and tap into this new logistics superpower.

Ready to Make the Switch?

If you've identified the signs and are contemplating a change, don't wait.
The benefits of a more efficient, transparent, and cooperative 3PL partner can significantly impact your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

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Much More Than Just a Warehouse

When your partner with Ship My Orders for your fullfillment needs, we manage critically important "back-end" operations to make your distribution and logistics management easier.

Ship Your Orders
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Storage Management
Store your goods in our safe, dry facility whether it's just a few pallets or hundreds of them.
Inventory Management
View and manage all your orders and inventory 24/7 in real time.
Reverse Logistics
Delight your customers (even after a return!) with fast, organized reverse logistics support.
Projects & Kitting Services
Leave the product bundling to us, we also handle your Amazon kitting.
eCommerce Fulfillment
We integrate seamlessly with your shopping cart software for an easy and efficient experience.