Storage Warehousing Services


Warehouse and Distribution Services to Help Your Business Grow

Now that your company has been growing and your profits rising, you’re beginning to realize you might have outgrown your original office or workspace. Perhaps your rented workspace is becoming too crowded. With all these boxes and product taking up space, it is no longer an ideal work area. Not to mention, a crowded office is no place to meet with clients. Luckily, you have options. The solution for both of these scenarios is to seek out a professional warehouse storage service.

With Ship My Orders storage warehousing services you can store all your merchandise, whether it’s just a few pallets or hundreds of them. We provide a safe, dry and clean storage warehousing space with bulk areas, rack/shelve areas and fast-moving picking areas. Exceptions to goods we won’t store are illegal, perishable, chemicals, temperature sensitive or other materials that could pose a safety or health issue. We work with all industries. SMO will usually be ready to ship your orders 24-48 hours after receiving. If your shipments have been sent following our standard procedures and include proper documentation.

No Long-Term Contract. No Setup Fees. No Hidden Fees.

Stress-Free Fulfillment So You Can Rest Assured That You are in Good Hands.

Storage Warehousing Process

Inventory delivery notification:

  • Please contact us every time we are going to receive merchandise
  • If available please provide a packing list with SKUs and amounts
  • If we are receiving new SKUs please provide a description for your customer’s packing list.


  • We receive, count and categorize your merchandise
  • We prepare a designated picking and storage area
  • We enter the SKUs and inventory amounts in our system
  • You receive an email with a PO
  • You have 24/7 access to our web interface to check your inventory (as well as orders…)


  • When a product can be sold individually or in bundles (prepackaged boxes with multiple units) we can enter it in our system with the corresponding bundle amounts, in this way you will save substantially in fulfillment costs, and you won’t need to create a new SKU or manipulate your original orders.
  • ie: An item that comes in a master carton of 10 will have a bundle number of 10
  • When we receive an order with 12 items, the “picked billable items” will be 3 (1 bundle + 2 individual items) instead of 12


  • Every month on the 1st we do a pallet count for billing purposes
  • A pallet measures 42″ x 48″ x 42″ (49 cu ft.)
  • For shelf/rack storage we do a pallet equivalency
  • If there haven’t been any substantial changes (5 pallets or more) during the month we won’t charge for additional pallets received during the month


  • We’ll do physical inventory counts depending on each customer needs
  • You can request a physical inventory of your storage at any time


Warehouse Storage for Your Inventory

When choosing a company to provide warehouse storage, it’s important to research the services offered. Some warehouse facilities offer inventory counting and pallet verification. It’s also important to consider the reputations of the various storage options. When you choose a warehouse facility it is important to have confidence that your products will be cared for appropriately. Take a tour of the facility and, if you are able, speak with the people who are on site daily. Communication is an important part of building the an element of trust with those who are tasked with your inventory management and keeping your products safe. Only choose a warehouse storage facility that you are completely satisfied with and who exudes integrity.

Considering Our Storage Warehouse Services?

We hope that you will consider Ship My Orders as a solution for your warehouse and shipping needs. At Ship My Orders, we strive to be the best at what we do. We provide services to our clients that ensure both the safety of their products and goods, and that also help businesses to grow. We have storage areas of all sizes that provide clean, dry, and safe storage for all your products and goods. We work with a large variety of industries and are always striving to cater to our clients' storage and shipping needs. In fact, in most cases, we are able to ship your items within 24-48 hours of notice.

Our distribution center is conveniently located in the United States. Please give one of our client consultants a call, so that we can discuss your company’s unique storing and shipping needs. We provide customized solutions.

Please contact us for a storage warehousing services quote and see how we can provide your business peace of mind when it comes to order fulfillment.


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