Kitting Services


We Are Your Kitting Partner for Seamless Operations

At Ship My Orders, we offer top-notch kitting services designed to simplify your inventory management process. We pride ourselves on following your specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for kitting, ensuring a seamless fit with your operations. Set your desired par levels, and we'll take care of the rest, replenishing your inventory as needed.

Our dedicated Special Orders department handles all kitting tasks with precision, whether it's assembling FBA orders or customizing wholesale shipments with special labeling for retail partners. Experience hassle-free kitting with our personalized approach and commitment to exceeding your expectations every step of the way.

Get On-Demand Kit Assembly

Ship My Orders can handle all of your kitting service needs if you use our order fulfillment services, providing you with the resources and expertise you need to successfully reach new and existing clients. Our fulfillment center and can reach most locations in the continental United States within three days of an order being placed. Our highly trained staff delivers quality, consistent service and can quickly adapt to changing demand based on your needs. With our help, you won’t just have a 3PL provider, but a partner that can help to optimize and grow your business.

On-demand kit assembly services:

  • Kitting of Educational Materials - Compile, organize, and package learning resources.
  • Assembly of Point-of-Purchase Kits - Combine promotional items for retail displays.
  • Light Assembly - Join parts, prepare small goods, and compile products.
  • Relabeling Services - Update, correct, or rebrand products.
  • Promotional Kitting - Assemble marketing materials and promotional goods.
  • Custom Packing - Tailored packaging solutions for unique products.
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns - Design, manage, and execute targeted promotions.
  • Pre-Assembly of Stock Items: We can create custom kits from your inventory, assembling a number of SKUs into a kit to be sold as one item.

Kitting and Fulfillment Services


What is kitting in the context of 3PL services?
Kitting refers to the process of assembling individual items into ready-to-ship packages or kits. At Ship My Orders, we streamline this process by gathering the necessary products, packaging them together, and preparing them for shipment to your end customers.
Why should companies use Ship My Orders for their kitting needs?
Ship My Orders has a proven track record of delivering efficient and high-quality kitting services. Our dedicated team ensures that your kits are assembled accurately and swiftly, reducing the hassle for businesses and ensuring timely deliveries.
Can Ship My Orders handle custom kitting requests?
Absolutely! We recognize that every company has unique requirements. Just provide us with your specific instructions, and we'll tailor our kitting process to meet your individual needs.
What kind of products can be kitted together?
There's a wide range of products we can kit, from promotional items and educational materials to subscription boxes and retail packages. Reach out to our team with your product details, and we'll guide you through the possibilities
How does kitting at Ship My Orders affect my shipping costs?
By consolidating multiple items into one kit, you can often reduce shipping costs. Our team can advise you on the most cost-effective and efficient kitting solutions to optimize your savings.
How do I get started with kitting services at Ship My Orders?
It's simple! Contact our customer service team, provide them with details of your kitting requirements, and they will walk you through the setup process.
Are there any limits to the number of items that can be kitted?
While there's no strict limit, the number of items in a kit may be influenced by the size of the products, the packaging, and shipping considerations. Discuss your requirements with our team, and we'll find the best solution for you.