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How Does 3PL Logistics Work?

Thoughtful male worker looking away in warehouse

Most organizations would rather focus on sales, marketing and product development than spend time worrying about how to get their product to the customer. For businesses struggling with supply chain management, Third-Party Logistics (3PL) may be the answer. Supply chain management is often the most costly aspect of running a business, requiring huge amounts of […]

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How to Manage 3PL Performance (Vital Tips & KPIs)

Automated warehouse. Boxes with spare parts moving on conveyer.

Business owners who decide to use third-party logistics providers (3PLs) for their fulfillment – or in other words manage some or all of their supply chain – will need a way to measure their performance. 3PLs manage the logistics of a supply chain, providing everything from warehousing to transportation and many other areas of supply […]

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How Do Shipping Zones Affect Fulfillment?

Person in a third party fulfillment (3PL) center

Customers today expect their purchases to be shipped quickly and at an affordable price. Business owners know that, with rising shipping costs, it is difficult to meet this client requirement. However, if a seller understands zone shipping, they can better fulfill their orders, keep their customers satisfied and maintain affordable and fast deliveries. But is […]

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Best Shipping Options for eCommerce & Online Stores?

Business owners in a fulfillment center

Can your eCommerce shipping and delivery strategy meet the demands of your customers? Studies show 98.1% of shoppers take the quality of their delivery into consideration when developing brand loyalty, while 84% won’t shop with a business again if they have a poor last-mile experience. Online businesses can quickly discover that their initial shipping and […]

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What Is Order Fulfillment? The 2020 Guide

Fulfillment center

As a business owner, you are probably considering the various ways that you can keep up with your growing company. One solution would be to scale your shipping and fulfillment process so that more orders can reach more customers faster. You could do this through outsourcing it to another party or by enhancing your existing […]

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