Fulfillment Center in Las Vegas

Does your ecommerce business service customers on the west coast of the United States? If so, do you a dedicated west coast fulfillment center?

Ship My Orders’ west coast center is located in Las Vegas, NV. The reasoning behind the placement of a fulfillment warehouse in Las Vegas is simple. The location was specifically chosen for its positioning on key transportation routes and with a centralized position within its respective half of the country.  

By placing the warehouse in the relative center of the geographic area that it serves (i.e. Las Vegas being about the center for the Western U.S.), you can assure that the distances being traveled most of the time are only about 1/4 what they would be on a coast to coast delivery.  This will minimize the costs and the delivery times on nearly every order that is placed on your website.

Why Use a 3rd Party Fulfillment Company in Nevada

Smart business owners are looking into options that are offered by fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders.  This is due to the fact that as real estate prices continue to rise there is no guarantee that your sales will, and ultimately your securing of warehouse space and staff in order to provide fulfillment services is speculative.  You have to accurately predict how much space and how many employees you are going to need over the course of the next few years when you sign a lease on a space. Predict too low and fulfillment will suffer. Predict too high and you may be on the hook for rent charges that you cannot pay.  

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Ability to Scale Your Business & Cost Effectiveness

Fulfillment centers like ours take away the need for guesswork, as you are only renting the space you need within our warehouse, and you are only paying for the labor that is necessary based on your sales.  The concept of order fulfillment centers is that multiple businesses use the same space and employees to do their fulfillment, and this cooperative environment saves everyone money. This system will also provide you with the ability to scale your business up or down effectively based on sales trends.


Smartly Position Your Inventory

The other advantage above and beyond the fulfillment services themselves is the ability to position your inventory.  You have the ability to choose the starting point for every order shipped in order to make sure that point is as close to the customer as possible.  The way this benefits your business is simple, by placing your inventory closer to each and every customer, the amount of money that is charged for shipping from the facility to the customer is less than the maximum charge if the item goes coast to coast.  By charging a flat fee for shipping on an item that will cover the maximum charge, then positioning the inventory closer to the customer, you will make money on each and every order shipped. This savings can be transferred to your customers in the form of lower product prices, or applied directly to your bottom line.  Either way, it makes sense to get your inventory as close to your customers as possible.

Strategic Fulfillment Center Location in the U.S.

Having a fulfillment center in Las Vegas provides a strategic advantage in serving customers efficiently. With our central location, we are able to provide fast fulfillment and delivery to customers across the entire United States. Better still, being situated in the Western half of the country allows for even faster fulfillment and delivery to customers from the plains to the West Coast. Orders promised within a five-day delivery time will generally be delivered in three or less, creating loyalty among your customers. The propensity to repeat orders based on satisfaction builds your sales, and the savings on shipping builds your business. Opting for a Las Vegas fulfillment center ensures streamlined logistics and prompt service for a wide customer base. 

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