Crowdfunding and Kickstarter Order Fulfillment

Kickstarter Shipping Fulfillment for Busy Creatives

If you are using a crowdfunding campaign to crowdfund your business, you know just how useful it can be for securing funding, identifying your target market, and generating a buzz around your product. Once you meet your funding goals, you then need to find a way to deliver your product to buyers all over the United States. You might be overwhelmed thinking about this, especially if the scale and scope of your logistics needs are much bigger than anything you’ve faced before. However, with Ship My Orders, you can have a reliable partner that can give you the logistical reach you need.

You Focus on Product Development – We’ll Take Care of the Shipping & Logistics

Running a successful crowdfunding campaign can open worlds of possibilities you’ve been dreaming of for years. Not only do you get to see that other people love your ideas, but you might also finally be able to run your business full-time. You’re probably looking at ways you can capitalize on your success, either by reaching new markets, creating new products, or making improvements to your existing ones. The last thing you want to do is spend time working out the nuts and bolts of your company’s logistics when you could focus on product development or marketing instead.

However, once you meet your funding goals, you suddenly have a whole new set of challenges to face. Do you have to have a fulfillment center and distribution capabilities to ship to thousands of customers? You may not have much experience with shipping a high volume of goods all across the country and might not have the resources to learn how to do so within the time frame available. The good news is that instead of building your own logistical infrastructure from scratch, you can outsource all of your needs to Ship My Orders.

No Long-term Contracts. No Setup Fees. No Hidden Fees.

Just Stress-Free Order Fulfillment

High-Volume Shipping and Inventory Management Solutions for Kickstarter Projects

When you outsource to Ship My Orders, your business can benefit from the infrastructure of a mature logistics company. Let us handle all of your shipping, inventory management, and fulfillment center needs so you can focus on your product development and marketing efforts. Our West Coast fulfillment center is located in Las Vegas, allowing us to ground ship to 80% of the US population within 48 hours after an order has been placed. We can provide your company with capabilities that can quickly help it scale to meet new opportunities as they arise.


We’re also experienced in Indiegogo fulfillment and RocketHub fulfillment.


Ship My Orders can reduce order processing and shipping times by integrating your existing crowdfunding campaign with our services, offering you and your customers the most seamless experience possible. Our company can safely receive, and package your merchandise and immediately ship orders as they are placed. We can also keep providing you and your customers with up-to-date shipping information and process returns as they arrive. In addition, our month-to-month contracts have no setup fees, offering your growing business flexibility.

In addition to logistical services, Ship My Orders can also handle many of your marketing and customer service needs. In our Digital Product Photography Studio, we can take promo pictures of your products to be used for brochures, catalogs, or additions to your website as needed. At Ship My Orders, we know that your company’s reputation rests on your customers safely receiving their deliveries on time, so we take every step to ensure each transaction is a successful one.


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