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When you partner with us for fulfillment services, we can handle your returns process.

Because returns need to be handled as fast as any other new order, we will help you keep your customers smiling (even after a return!) with high-quality reverse logistics management.

Solving Reverse Logistics Problems in eCommerce and Fulfillment

While many business owners are focused on delivering their products to their customers as fast and cost-effectively as possible, it’s just as important to process returns in a timely and cost-effective manner. It’s easy to overlook your company’s reverse logistics management capabilities, but your ability to process returns can be just as crucial to customer satisfaction and profitability as your ability to quickly reach their front door.

With a simple and efficient return service, you can offer your customers a better experience while also capturing more value with less effort from their returns. Instead of building your own reverse logistics capabilities from the ground-up, you can turn to a third-party logistics provider like Ship My Orders to provide you with the infrastructure you need to compete in a changing environment.

The Benefits of Reverse Logistics and Returns Management

With robust returns management capabilities, you can:

  • Offer excellent customer service by reducing product return times (which can be especially important if your business attracts repeat buyers)
  • Have a consistent and predictable system by which to process returns 
  • Reduce costs

By partnering with your 3PL to obtain these capabilities, you can also benefit from transparency across your supply chain, which can lead to greater optimization and scaling opportunities. With a proven 3PL partner, you can also take more risks with your business, as you’ll be able to easily accept returns for new products that may not succeed with customers.

No Long-term Contracts,
No Setup Fees,  
No Hidden Fees

Stress-free Fulfillment

Since we do not require any long-term contracts, in addition to eliminating setup fees, you can rest assured that you are in good hands

Our Reverse Logistics Process 

We enter a set of rules and guidelines in our system so our returns department can process your returns as you request.

  • We process your product returns by carefully opening and inspecting the items
  • We report the product condition
  • We either restock, destroy or return to you (or your manufacturer) the returned items

The 3PL Reverse Logistics Company You Can Trust

Ship My Orders can handle all of the reverse logistics needs for our order fulfillment clients. We simplify the return process for you and your customers while helping you to better capture value from it. We can seamlessly integrate our reverse logistics services and return management process with the forward logistics services we offer, keeping all of your 3PL needs under one roof. We carefully open and inspect each return by hand to determine whether an order can can be restocked or needs to be returned to the manufacturer or destroyed. By trusting us with your reverse logistics needs, you can maintain or improve customer satisfaction during the return process, further optimize your logistics chain, improve your bottom line, and better position your company for future growth.

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