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Does your company utilize the WooCommerce store system for shopping on your website?

WooCommerce is the most popular shopping cart system in the world, due to its integration into so many websites that are engaged in ecommerce. The main reason for its extreme popularity is that it is offered as a free plugin within the extremely popular CMS known as WordPress.

WooCommerce became the most popular shopping cart within the WordPress world, and the same types of activities began taking place, with designers creating add ons to Woocommerce which would expand its functionality for a minimal charge. Woocommerce and the WordPress system allows many people who would never have been able to create an online store in the past to go into business for themselves, selling items on their websites without the necessity of creating and running a brick and mortar store.

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Enhancing Your WooCommerce Order Fulfillment Process

The WooCommerce shopping cart gives your customers the ability to shop for items through a website.  They are able to go through the process of shopping by choosing items, placing them in a cart and checking out.  The plugins that are associated with WooCommerce itself allow for many expanded aspects like choosing shipping options, delivery times and so forth. However, one of the aspects of the process that cannot be effectively automated by WooCommerce, WordPress or any other ecommerce system is the actual picking and packing of that item which has been purchased. A human being needs to take care of these physical tasks. In fact, after a customer purchases something on your website, somebody is going to need to go to your inventory, pull the items ordered, pack them into a box and arrange the transport of that box to your customer’s address. In most situations this means the owner of the business does all of this manual labor themselves, but as the online businesses grow, they need to figure out how to process more and more orders, making it very difficult for a single operator to do all the work themselves.

Therefore, many ecommerce business owners are turning to 3rd party order fulfillment centers to handle these logistical tasks.

WooCommerce Fulfillment Services

Ship My Orders utilizes software that communicates directly with your WooCommerce system, allowing the orders that are placed within your website to be pushed directly to our facility where your inventory is stored.  The shipping aspects are handled from the facility and delivered directly to your customers without the need for additional labor on your end.  This is the closest thing to complete automation of the WooCommerce system that is available and can not only provide better customer service in many instances but can additionally save you money by shipping the physical order from a warehouse that is strategically closer to your customer.  Using this process, the orders always originate from the distance closest to the customer and save shipping costs associated with delivery distances.

You no longer need to be involved in the fulfillment process and can concentrate on growing your online business sales. Because you are not hiring employees and instead are contracting us to do the processing and shipping for you, you can literally remain small and still sell large amounts of products.

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