6 Tips to Increase E-Commerce Conversions

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Competition among online retailers is fierce and growing as more people stay home to shop online. If your site is getting traffic but few conversions, there could be a problem. E-commerce sites typically have conversion rates hovering around 2-3%, and if your site is underperforming, it’s vital to find out why. On the other hand, if you want to grow, taking steps to raise your conversion rate presents a straightforward path to boosting sales.

Read on for tips to help improve your e-commerce bottom line by better converting your website visitors into real customers.

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1) Look at Competitors’ Pricing

Online shoppers are sensitive to prices, and if yours are too high, they’ll leave your site without a second look. Take a look at your competitors’ sites to see what they are charging for similar products and adjust yours if necessary. A large percentage of online shoppers choose to buy from a particular store solely based on price, so you want to make sure that yours are competitive.

2) Limited-time Coupon Codes

Give customers a reason to buy right now by offering them a limited-time coupon code to use at your site. Research shows that 48% of shoppers with an exclusive offer will make their purchase sooner than they would without one. Your customers will also feel a sense of urgency and may be more inclined to buy now. You can also create loyal, return customers because you gave them a discount on their shopping trip.

3) Free Shipping

Most shoppers today expect to be offered free shipping on their online orders. Research indicates that high shipping costs are the top reason why online shopping carts are abandoned. However, free shipping doesn’t need to cut into your profits if you include it in your prices or offer it once a customer has purchased a certain dollar amount. Free shipping can actually increase your revenue by 10%, helping you to more than cover whatever shipping costs you do pay.

4) Cart Abandonment Software

HubSpot estimates that 86% of online shopping carts are abandoned globally, which presents an enormous opportunity for e-commerce businesses to convert interested prospective buyers. Abandoned cart software that can be used to launch recovery campaigns to help you convert potential buyers into actual customers. These applications create emails, text messages and other communications to remind someone they left your site before completing their purchase. Most of these apps are easily integrated into popular e-commerce platforms and can save around 10% of abandoned carts.

5) Online Ads

Online ads can help you convert prospects online in the channels they frequent, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Search ads appear on relevant search engine results of your prospects type, while display ads show your products on sites they visit. Retargeting ads are directed at people who have already visited but not purchased from your site and can boost conversion rates by 150%. Social network advertising helps to put your products in front of people while they’re in a more relaxed setting and typically carry a 2-5% conversion rate.

6) Noticeable CTAs

The path to purchase should be obvious to any visitor to your site. Include large, colorful call-to-action (CTA) buttons that are easy to see and follow. Phrases like “Add to Cart” and “Check Out” simplify the buying process. Buttons that say “Learn More” or “Subscribe to Our Blog” can help prospects stay engaged with your brand as they move toward conversion along the buyer’s journey.

Spending Too Much Time Dealing with Logistics?

These tips can help you convert visitors to paying customers when they’re applied across your entire site. If you haven’t had time to implement them or don’t think you will, you might need some outside help. Outsourcing your logistics to a third-party logistics company can help you focus on increasing your revenue and scaling your core business. Ship My Orders can serve as your partner to help your company optimize its operations and grow for the future.

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