4 Types of Warehouses Available for Storage and Warehousing Services

4 Types of Warehouses Available for Storage and Warehousing Services

Nothing probably satisfies you as a business owner more than seeing your business grow. Increased sales equals profit. Whether you warehouse your own products or use a third-party logistics company to provide storage and warehousing services, eventually your business will outgrow the warehouse. It’s never too early to think about how you can initiate a plan to maintain or increase inventory without interrupting the sales process.

If you warehouse your own products, have you thought about how to streamline the product buying process, so it is completely seamless for the customer and stress-free for you? Think about it. You don’t want your growing business to become stagnant or plateau, because you don’t have a dedicated inventory fulfillment services management plan in place.

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Where do Warehouses Fit Within Logistics and Storage?

When space is premium and you are primarily an e-commerce business, a warehouse provides a safe and beneficial alternative to storing product on your premises. Storage and warehousing services offer a building where an immediate physical count of your stock is performed upon arrival and add your SKUs into their inventory system. You would be given immediate access to the inventory management system for your items and can see how much you have on hand anytime you wish.

Storage and warehousing services primarily provide a safe and clean space for your stock to be placed. If you choose to use a 3PL storage and warehouse provider, they would offer an additional service of product fulfillment.

Different Types of Warehouses

Just as your business is different from the one across the street or on the next results page on Google, warehouses also have different styles and services. Here are a few to consider.

Public Warehouses

They are owned by government entities and can be utilized by private sector companies.


The public warehouse can be an affordable option, allowing for both personal and business use for a short time.


They are often not current with state-of-the-art technology.

Private Warehouses

A private warehouse is owned by wholesalers.


This is a good option for e-commerce businesses that need a long-term solution for a strategic location.


This is a more expensive option than a public warehouse.

Bonded Warehouses

Imported goods may be stored, duty free, until such a time as they are released to their buyers. Then the customs fees are paid.


Restricted items can be stored at length until legal paperwork is completed.

Customs fees are not paid until products are purchased.


Bonds must be paid to warehouse authority whenever a space is rented. This ensures no monetary loss is incurred when products are released.

Smart Warehouses

All storage and fulfillment processes are performed by AI.


Everything is automated and streamlined to eliminate human error.


Because it is automated and streamlined, AI sometimes makes mistakes in orders that should require human judgement.

Searching for Storage and Warehousing Services?

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