Everything You Need to Know About Discreet Packaging that Protects Customer Privacy (Plus Design Tips!)

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As an e-commerce business, providing your customers with an exceptional experience from start to finish is crucial. Whether you sell luxury items, medical devices, or other sensitive products, maintaining customer privacy is a top priority. Discreet packaging is a simple but effective way to protect your customer’s privacy while still delivering a positive unboxing experience. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about discreet packaging, including design tips, how to communicate your discreet shipping options, and when it’s appropriate to use the type of packaging. Let’s get started!


Understanding Discreet Packaging and Shipping 

Have you ever ordered a product online and felt embarrassed or uncomfortable with the packaging it came in? Or maybe you’ve purchased a high-dollar or luxury item and worried it would be stolen by so-called ‘porch pirates’ before you could bring it inside? As a consumer, you understand the desire for privacy and the security of your deliveries. And as a business owner, you want to make sure that your customers have a positive experience when receiving their orders. That’s where discreet packaging comes in. 

Discreet packaging is a shipping method that ensures customer privacy and protects the contents of the package. Essentially, it means that the package doesn’t reveal what’s inside or where it came from. For example, imagine you own a luxury lingerie business. A customer orders a beautiful set of lingerie for their partner’s birthday. You want to make sure that the gift is a surprise, so you use discreet packaging. When the package arrives, it simply looks like any other package, with no indication that it’s from a lingerie store. 

By using discreet packaging, you show your customers that you respect their privacy and understand their needs. It’s a small touch that can make a big difference in their overall shopping experience.


When is Discreet Packaging Used? 

As a business owner, it’s important to understand when to use discreet packaging to protect your customers’ privacy and prevent unauthorized access to their orders. 

Discreet packaging is a popular choice for a variety of products, including luxury items, medical devices, and even everyday products like pet supplies. For example, a customer may order a high-end piece of jewelry or a sensitive medical device they would prefer to keep private. Discreet packaging ensures that their purchase arrives without drawing unwanted attention. 

Another example is the sale of adult products, which often require an extra level of privacy. In this case, discreet packaging can help protect the customer’s privacy and prevent any potentially embarrassing situations from arising, not to mention that it also helps businesses stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws and regulations concerning these types of products. 

Ultimately, understanding when to use discreet packaging is important in creating a positive customer experience and building trust with your customers. As e-commerce continues to grow, offering discreet shipping options is becoming increasingly popular, and adopting the practice sooner than later is one more way your business can stay ahead of the curve.


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How Discreet is Discreet Packaging? 

The level of discretion provided by discreet packaging can vary depending on the specific packaging solutions used. For your sensitive products, you could use plain boxes or boxes with minimal branding or labeling. The contents of the package may also be concealed in other ways, such as bubble wrap or other protective materials.

It’s important to note that the level of discretion chosen for a product should reflect the level of privacy required. For example, a business selling adult products would require a much higher level of discretion compared to a business selling non-sensitive products like clothing or books. Choosing the right level of discretion for your product ensures that your customers’ privacy is protected and that they feel comfortable and secure in their purchases.


How Do I Make a Package Discreet? 

Selecting the right type of packaging is crucial to designing discreet packaging. Previously, we’ve discussed tactics such as using plain boxes, minimal branding, and protective materials to make a package more discreet. Here are some additional tactics that you can use:

  • Use opaque or colored packaging to conceal the contents and provide an extra layer of privacy 
  • Use plain package tape instead of branded tape, and while you’re at it, it’s also a good idea to avoid using brand names, product names or descriptions on the outside of packages, too. 
  • Consider using unmarked or generic shipping labels to avoid drawing attention to the package. 
  • Use packaging that is appropriately sized for the product, as oversized packaging can draw unwanted attention. 
  • Use durable packaging material to prevent damage to the packaging and/or contents during shipping.
  • If shipping multiple items, consider separating them into multiple packages to avoid suspicion. 
  • Use a return address that is nondescript and not linked to your business or product to further maintain anonymity.


Remember, the level of discretion you choose should reflect the level of privacy needed for your product. By taking extra steps to ensure the privacy of your customers’ orders, you can build trust and loyalty with your audience. 

You can also use a third-party logistics (3PL) provider such as Ship My Orders, which can offer custom and discreet packaging options for your products and custom kitting services to help you ensure that your customers receive your ideal unboxing experience when they receive their order. 


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Hiding in Plain Sight 

In addition to the previously mentioned tactics, some businesses have found success in using creative methods to hide the contents of their packages in plain sight. One approach we’ve seen is to make the package look like a mass-market product. For example, a business shipping a luxury watch could use a packaging design that resembles that of a well-known, low-end brand or retailer that is not likely to be a target for theft. 

It’s worth noting that while this approach can offer an extra level of privacy, it may not be suitable for all types of products or businesses. It’s important to consider specific needs of your business and customers when deciding on a discreet packaging strategy. 


Delivery Signatures

Another way to ensure the privacy of your customers is to require or give your customers the option of requiring a signature for delivery. By requiring signature confirmation, the carrier will only release the package to the person who signs for it. 

By requiring a recipient’s signature, you can prevent unauthorized access and ensure that your packages are delivered to the intended recipient and not left in public spaces or delivered to the wrong address. 


Communicating Your Discreet Packaging 

It’s important to let your customers know that you offer discreet packaging options. This way, they can have peace of mind knowing their privacy is taken seriously. You can communicate this on your website or in your marketing materials; just make sure that the language you use is clear and straightforward. 

Here are a few examples of how you can communicate discreet packaging options to your customers: 

  1. Add a note during the checkout process that says, “Request discreet packaging” or “Need extra privacy?” Request discreet packaging at checkout”.

  2. Include a discreet packaging option in the product description, along with a brief explanation of what that entails.

  3. Send a follow-up email after the order is placed that highlights your discreet packaging options and encourages the customer to take advantage of it for added privacy.


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